Program Logs, Routine Sheets and Scripts

Thanks to NBC engineer Gene Garnes, we have several pages of NBC Radio printed material about Monitor.

The first, below, is a network program schedule for Sunday, January 26, 1975 — Monitor’s last day on the air. It tells you, for example, that the 12 noon to 2:58:50 Monitor segment (Monitor “C”) originated in Radio Central’s studio 5B/New York, was sent out on the net lines through Channel 4 audio, that the net’s cue and chimes for the show originated in 5B, that Big Wilson was the host and that the show was commercial of the “various” type, according to NBC’s definition.

Below are two pages of the Monitor routine sheet for the Saturday morning Monitor segment on July 21, 1973, hosted by Bill Cullen. Bud Drake was the producer; Charles Garment was the writer and Melanie Turner was the assistant.

Each three-hour Monitor segment (and the four-hour Sunday afternoon segment) had many people working exclusively on that segment, including a producer, director, writer, assistant, two engineers in the control room, one in tape playback, and a host.

Below is a copy of the first page of the script for the first Monitor program hosted by Big Wilson on Saturday, Nov. 3, 1973, from 9 a.m. to noon EST.