Monitor Memories

This page contains some of the longer e-mail and guestbook messages we’ve received from people with special memories about our favorite program.
Just click on the links — and enjoy!

Gene Garnes
Gene Garnes’ father worked as an engineer on Monitor for years and often brought Gene to Radio Central on weekends to watch Monitor go on the air. Here’s Gene’s first-person memory of network radio’s greatest program.

W. T. Koltek
W. T. Koltek has some great memories of Monitor from the 1960’s.
Don Kennedy
Don Kennedy contributed features to Monitor during the program’s first year on the air.
Andy Fisher
Andy Fisher is a writer for CNBC’s “Business Center.”
Bob Dreier
Bob Dreier was an engineer at NBC Radio for years. He worked on many projects for Monitor, including those he has been kind enough to tell us about here. For non-broadcasters, “nemo” means “remote.”
Don Blair
In the Guestbook, former NBC newsman Don Blair relates his experiences with Monitor. Here, he relates his role in breaking one of the biggest stories of the 1980’s. It doesn’t relate directly to Monitor, but it makes for interesting reading.