Monitor: The Book

The book devoted EXCLUSIVELY to Monitor!

Monitor (Take 2)

by Dennis Hart

Monitor (Take 2) is the REVISED, VASTLY EXPANDED follow-up to Dennis Hart’s first book about Monitor that was published in 2002. Why a new book? Because so many former Monitor staff members contacted the author after the first book’s publication — and they provided an incredible amount of new, never-before reported information and anecdotes.

Every weekend for two decades, millions of American radio listeners spent their weekends glued to one program — Monitor on NBC Radio. Begun as an incredible 40-hour-a-weekend broadcast, Monitor featured big-name hosts like Dave Garroway, Hugh Downs, Frank Blair, Gene Rayburn, Henry Morgan, Bill Cullen, Ed McMahon, Jim Lowe and so many, many others — all broadcasting live from Radio Central in New York and presenting a kaleidoscopic phantasmagoria of news, sports, comedy, variety, music and live remote pick-ups from around the nation and the world.

Monitor (Take 2) features six completely new chapters — expanded “original” chapters from the first book — and new introductions by former Monitor staff members, including Tedi “Miss Monitor” Thurman.

For the first time in print, Monitor (Take 2) reports the behind-the-scenes maneuverings that put Monitor on the air — details, in depth, the wonderful features and feature reporters who helped make every Monitor weekend so memorable — and recounts the never-before-told story about why Monitorwas taken off the air, well before “its time.”

Need more? How about these NEW chapters: ” “Putting It Together,” The Dry Run,” My Monitor Memories” (by Jim Lowe), “Life With Monitor” (by Audrey Drake), “All Those Features” and “The Lunch That Killed Monitor.

At 297 pages, this book provides Monitor fans with the most complete information ever assembledabout this greatest of all network radio programs. The author, Dennis Hart, is a life-long Monitorenthusiast who has spent the past 40 years researching his — and your — favorite program.

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