Changes to the Monitor Tribute Pages -- June 2005

This page contains a complete listing of the changes made to this website in June 2005 by

  • Created UI/site design version 2.00
  • Added the "About this site" page to eliminate clutter on the homepage
  • Added this page to track changes
  • Resolved inconsistencies in font sizes: we now use a standard CSS style for both headings and body text
  • Added permanent nav bar link to book page
  • Made the nav bar background blue to commemorate the two networks of NBC Radio
  • Edited the scripts and routine sheets on the "Monitor Program Logs" page to be higher resolution and have better contrast, thus making them easier to read
  • Replaced the Don Imus ad (linked to on the promo material page) with a higher-res and MUCH more readable version
  • Edited the radio central pictures to make them better and smaller
  • Eliminated all plain-text e-mail addresses on pages to help fight our spam epidemic -- all addresses are now javascript encoded
  • New drop-down interface for the guestbook archive
  • Stripping ALL e-mail addresses out of the guestbook for privacy/anti-spam reasons
  • new organizational structure for the guestbook archive
  • Created cool new cover for the photo album
  • Custom banner for the Pat Weaver page -- maybe we'll get them for every page someday...